In addition to their own Llanito language, which is a combination of Spanish and English, most Gibraltarians speak both standard British English and Andalusian Spanish.


Gibraltar’s official currency is the Gibraltar pound (GIP£), usually exchanged on par with the British pound almost everywhere in the territory. The British pound is considered legal tender in Gibraltar and is accepted nearly everywhere, but on the contrary, the Gibraltar pound is not accepted in United Kingdom establishments. Therefore, visitors from the UK should convert their leftover Gibraltar pounds back into British currency before returning home. Shops can often give you change in British pounds upon request. Although the euro and US dollars are also commonly accepted at most Gibraltar establishments, some restaurants and other businesses do not accept credit or debit cards. Travelers’ checks are most commonly accepted in pounds sterling. There are no export or import currency restrictions in Gibraltar.


Gibraltar’s Central European Time Zone is two hours ahead of GMT (GMT +2) during Daylight Savings Time and one hour behind GMT (GMT -1) during the rest of the year.


Gibraltar uses the same 230V/50Hz electricity and three-pin plugs as the United Kingdom, but most outlets accept plugs with two round pins or two parallel flat pins and a ground pin. Visitors from countries with different plug and electricity settings need a plug adaptor and/or voltage converter.


Gibraltar’s country code is +350 and most local telephone numbers are eight digits long. Gibtelecom is Gibraltar’s main telephone company, but CTS (Gibraltar) Limited has become a popular alternative. Customers on Gibtelecom’s cell phone service, Gibtel, can now roam freely on Yoigo, Vodafone, and Movistar networks. CTS and Gibtel both operate 3G networks. Internet access is widely available in Gibraltar from four different internet service providers.


As one of Europe’s last remaining VAT-free zones, Gibraltar has long been a duty-free shopping haven. Visitors to Gibraltar can import up to 50 grams of perfume and £340 worth of souvenirs without incurring customs duty. Alcohol import restrictions are two liters of wine or a liter of spirits. Tobacco import restrictions are 200 tobacco grams, 50 cigars, 100 cigarillos, or 200 cigarettes.

Tourist Office

Gibraltar Holiday, Gibraltar: +44 207 836 0777 or

Consulates in Gibraltar

Consulate of France, Gibraltar: +350-200-48070 Consulate of Italy, Gibraltar: +350-200-47096 Consulate of Switzerland, Gibraltar: +350-200-41138


Royal Gibraltar Police: 72500 Fire and ambulance: 190 Emergency: 199 Emergency (cell phones): 112