Gibraltar packs a lot of active pursuits within its tiny territory. Visitors can watch thousands of birds take flight during their migration between northern Europe and Africa. On the sea, charter boat operators take visitors fishing or to watch the whales and dolphins frolic in the Bay of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar also contains a surprising number of parasailing, waterskiing, and even scuba diving opportunities offshore from its beaches. The most popular guided tours are the challenging walks around its city walls, its highest point of O’Hara’s Battery, and the legendary Rock itself. Those unused to steep hiking paths may prefer to get to the top by cable car, with a stop at the Apes’ Den along the way.

One of Gibraltar’s most popular caving excursions is the Lower St Michael’s Cave Tour. Minor rope climbing and scrambling are part of the three-hour guided tour of this fully lit, but otherwise unspoiled cave and stunning underground lake. Good cameras, casual clothes and sturdy shoes are highly recommended and reservations must be made at least three days in advance.

No fewer than 30 reefs, shipwrecks, and other unique underwater sights lie beneath Gibraltar’s waters. Scuba diving is the best way to explore these wonders, and the lessons at Dive Hire Naui Centre range from beginner to advanced instruction. Towels and swimsuits are the only thing you need to bring to take in the colorful corals and fish at Europa Reef and the Seven Sisters.

Sharks, broadbill swordfish, and blue fin tuna are what you’re most likely to encounter during fishing excursions offered by Straits Fishing or Jalex Angling and Sports Specialists. Gibraltar’s unusual position between the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean attracts plenty of unique fish and eel species. Catch and release is a good option for environmentally-friendly anglers.

Atlantic Charters Racing and Allabroad Sailing School are just two of the many places offering sailing lessons in Gibraltar. An ideal place to learn, the sheltered bay, warm climate and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean make conditions a dream. Course range from beginner to advanced RYA qualifications.

Dolphin Safari is among the most reputable of Gibraltar’s many dolphin watching tours. Most trips last between 1.5 hours and 2.5 hours and visitors can relax in cushioned indoor observation lounges while spotting striped, common, and bottlenose dolphins playing in the Bay of Gibraltar.

Ornisun Enterprises Limited offers the most detailed breakdown of the many species visitors can see while birding in Gibraltar, a stop for many migrating birds who travel between African wintering areas and their northern European breeding grounds. Unique sightings often include buzzards, owls and eagles.