Gibraltar Taxis and Car Rental

Gibraltar Taxi Association (350-700-27 or 350-700-52), the territory’s main cab company, offers guided 90-minute tours of Gibraltar. These taxi tours take at least four people at a time, but passengers can easily arrange more extensive custom trips. Passengers can pickup cabs at the border between Gibraltar and La Linea, Spain, or at other points throughout Gibraltar.

Car rental is available, but not always practical as driving across the border into Spain can be a hassle and Gibraltar itself is small enough to be easily walkable. Gibraltar may be a British territory, but driving is on the right, as in Spain and the rest of continental Europe.

Gibraltar Water Taxis

Aside from cruise ships, Transcoma ferries running to and from Algeciras, Spain are Gibraltar’s main water transportation. Ferries make the half-hour journey between Algeciras and Gibraltar about five times a day. Another passenger ferry geared towards Moroccan service workers departs once a week.

Gibraltar Trains and Buses

There is no direct bus from Gibraltar to Spain, but the closest station across the border, La Linea, is only a three-minute walk from Gibraltar. The journey takes about 40 minutes, but passengers can also travel from La Linea to several other cities in southern Spain.

Gibraltar has its own bus which runs throughout the small territory. The number 3 line travels between Europa Point, the heart of Gibraltar, and the border with Spain. Frequent passengers can purchase unlimited day passes for rides around town.

The nearest rail stations to Gibraltar are in the nearby Spanish communities of Algeciras and San Rogue, both of which are served by RENFE, Spain’s national train network.