Most of the French Overseas Possessions, especially those located near the Pacific, enjoy a tropical climate. French Guiana, for example, experiences its dry season from August to December. The rainy season spans from December to January and again from April to July. This territory sees little in the way of temperature variation, with highs of 88°F and lows around 72°F. Martinique enjoys warm weather throughout the year, with brief rainy and fall seasons, while Tahiti enjoys temperate weather year-round thanks to the cool sea breeze. Much the same happens for French Guiana where temperatures hover between 70°F and 88°F. All the territories are suitable for travel year-round, outside of their respective rainy seasons when some areas may be too muddy or hazardous to explore.

Best Time to Visit French Overseas Possessions

Avoid traveling to Reunion during peak tourist seasons (French school holidays) from June to September, as well as during the cyclone-prone month of February. April is the best time to see Reunion, when the weather is generally pleasant and the tourist sites are not as busy. In general, the territories can be visited any month, particularly Tahiti and French Guiana, though they are less impressive during the wet season.