The French Overseas Possessions boast attractions like no other territories in the world, and many of them remain largely unknown to travelers. If you wish to explore unspoiled landscapes and stunning natural sites untouched by tourism, these destinations are the perfect escape. With islands steeped in nature, culture and history, explore some of the most secluded and intriguing things to do in the world, from Parc Archeologique des Roches Gravees in Guadeloupe to the Blowhole of Arahoho in Tahiti and the traditional Cavadee rites in Saint-André, Réunion.

Plan ahead if you want to make the most out of your visit to any of the French Overseas Possessions. With so much to see and discover, it is easy to lose track of time and miss out on great adventures if you do not have a defined itinerary. Sun and Sandals specializes in travel to Réunion, where there are plenty of opportunities to discover nature. Bake under the sun and have your fill of adrenaline rushes with endless hiking opportunities, canyoning around the beautiful waterfalls, and scuba diving and surfing in the clear waters surrounding the island.

If Martinique intrigues you, the Martinique Tourism Authority can help you arrange a wide variety of experiences from sightseeing around lush parks and gardens, historic tours around the most interesting sights on the island, carnivalsdiving, cruises, and even shopping.

French Guiana is a haven for natural explorations. Classic itineraries often involve city tours of the capital and other interesting towns like Kouru and Saint Laurent du Maroni. Trekking and mountain biking are also popular. If you like the outdoors, try fly fishing or deep sea fishing. Cultural excursions are also common, as well as island hopping to discover history and immerse yourself in the territory’s impressive landscapes. Evergreen Adventures is a good company to turn to for exciting trips around French Guiana.

Antilles & Iles Evasions Voyages specializes in Caribbean tours, including vacations in Guadeloupe. Choose from island cruises and other water-based activities to explore the country's rich treasures. With a wealth of biodiversity in the French Polynesia, it is a true haven for adventure and what better way to explore than by lagoon and yacht cruises aboard Bora Bora Cruises?