Cayenne-Félix Eboué Airport

Cayenne Félix Eboué Airport is the main international gateway to French Guiana. It is found in the Matoury commune, about eight miles from the center of Cayenne. Several airlines serve the airport, including Air France, which provides regular commercial flights to and from Paris, Fort de France and Pointe-á-Pitre. Other airlines offer regular connections to Caribbean destinations where transfers can be made to the US. Car rental and minibuses are the main form of transportation from the airport.

La Tontouta International Airport

La Tontouta International Airport is the main airport in New Caledonia. It lies in the Païta Municipality, 30 miles from Noumea. Air Calin offers the most destinations to and from La Tontouta with flights to Sydney and Brisbane in Australia and Asian hubs like Osaka, Tokyo and Seoul. Air New Zealand and Qantas also regularly fly here. Car rental, buses, shuttles, and taxis take arrivals on the 1.5 hour ride to the capital.

Pointe-á-Pitre International Airport

Located on the island of Grande-Terre, Pointe-á-Pitre International Airport serves as the main aviation port to and from Guadeloupe. It lies about 1.3 miles from downtown and offers both regular and charter flights to major hubs like Paris, Fort-de-France, Montreal, Frankfurt, Rome, Saint Barthélemy, and many other locations including Atlanta in the US. Irregular buse service and car rental can take visitors to their resorts.

Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport

The main international air hub of Martinique, Aimé Césaire International Airport is found in Le Lamentin, a small suburb of Fort-de-France. It offers regular connections to various destinations like Paris, Saint Martin and Guadeloupe, via Ponte-á-Pitre. Charter flights are also offered by various airlines like CanJet, FlyMontserrat and Miami Air International. Flights to the US usually connect in Puerto Rico. Taxis, car rental and minibuses can take passengers from the airport across the island.

Faa’a International Airport

Faa’a is the only international airport in French Polynesia, situated about three miles from the capital town of Papeete. It is served by Air France and flagship carrier Air Tahiti along with several other airlines offering flights to various worldwide destinations. Direct routes to Los Angeles and Paris are offered by Air France, while Air Tahiti offers regular trips between the French Polynesian Islands. Taxis and car rental are available on site.