Estonia is truly a magical place to see and discover. It is home to intriguing cities with immediate access to the water, contrasted with the wild outdoors leaving a blank canvas of things to do. The capital city of Tallinn stands on the northern coast, and has everything you would expect from a world-class destination, from a historic center to ancient ruins, parks and gardens, open-air museums, impressive galleries, and even a zoo. It is also home to some of the best beaches in the region, not to mention the most luxurious spas and high-end restaurants.

Estonia’s second city, Tartu, has one of the oldest universities in Europe and is a mecca for the hip and young. Elsewhere in the country, you will find stunning natural attractions and medieval architecture to make your holiday memorable.

If you are looking for an active holiday, Baltic Tours specializes in year-round land, sea and nature pursuits, from frolicking in the woods to hiking the hilly areas during the short summer season. They also offer rafting, canoeing and kayaking trips down on the splendid rivers and lakes of Estonia, as well as fishing, moto rallying and ATV tours.

Adventure tours are also available through Estonian Holidays, one of the leading providers for nature trips through the national parks. You may choose self-drive holidays or group outings that include biking and horseback riding, along with numerous water and snow sports.

Spa days take the first spot on many travel itineraries, especially because Estonia is known for its medical and leisure treatments which can be found everywhere, but some of the best are in the southern region. EstAdventures can take you on a day trip around the most fascinating places in Tallinn, as well as the Estonian countryside. The picture-perfect castle parks are great for sightseeing along with other heritage sites outside of the capital.

Wris Travel specializes in all kinds of city and golf packages in Estonia. The group also offers bird watching trips, wildlife sightings and culture trips to the national opera. If historical tours are what you crave, Hansa Travel has packages and itineraries that allow you to experience the traditions and culture of Estonia firsthand.

Skiing and snowboarding are popular during the long winter seasons. Otepaa is the most popular destination and is known for beginner friendly slopes, good facilities and well-maintained tracks. Many hiking and walking trails are also good for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Both Baltic Tours and Estonian Holidays provide packages for these kinds of activities.

If you are travelling with the kids, Estonia is a very family-friendly destination. Tallinn Zoo is an obvious stop, but the Puppet Theatre is a sight to behold, although the shows are rarely in English. Other interesting places to visit include the Tallinn Riding Center, FK Keskus for go karts and laser tag, and Tallinn Linnahall for ice skating.