Outdoor markets, antiques, department stores, and colorful shopping streets abound in Estonia. Travelers often splurge on fashion, as well as collectible items like folk art. Estonia is one of the best producers of ceramics and amber, along with quality glassware and leather goods. Hand-knit wool jumpers are also popular, especially in the market located near the old town Walls in Tallin.

There are numerous shopping malls in Estonia, but if it’s souvenirs you’re looking for, head to the open air markets and popular shopping streets like Viru, in the heart of the old city. Stalls sell all kinds of traditional items which welcome bargaining and haggling. Additionally, The Rotterman Quarter in downtown Tallinn offers a great shopping experience, complete with a wide selection of department stores, clothing boutiques and restaurants. The old town, Tallinn Port and Viru Keskus border the popular shopping area.

Spa Holidays

Spa-hopping is also a popular pastime in Estonia. In fact, the country is one of the best spa destinations in Eastern Europe, thanks to the therapeutic mud discovered from its different regions. Numerous seaside resorts and inland spas provide relaxing therapies and treatments for those who crave a calming experience. Spa resorts offer everything from chocolate massages to mud wraps and salt scrubs.

The best spa resorts can be found in the areas of Haapsalu, Parnu, Narva-Joesuu, Kuressaare, and in the capital of Tallinn. Varska is also of interest, and is best known for its soothing, mineral-rich waters. Saunas are abundant, ideal for relaxing after a long day of touring and sightseeing. Most resorts even offer complete recreation, featuring their own aqua parks, playgrounds, and mini spa facilities for children, which have fun massages, bubble baths and other exciting activities.