"Pirin Mountain" by Filip Stoyanov via Flickr Creative Commons

Bulgaria’s climate varies from a seasonal continental climate in the interior lowlands to temperate along the coast. Inland sees more seasonal weather with hot, humid summers and cold wet winters that deliver snow on the mountains, while the latter enjoys milder year-round temperatures with a warm breezy summer, mellow spring and fall and cool winter.

Summer runs from June to August, with average temperatures ranging between 59°F and 86°F while winter stays at 24°F to 39°F. Rain falls regularly throughout the year, with the mountains receiving an average 40 inches of rain, often via sudden showers or thunderstorms. The coast is drier, getting about half that, between 16 and 24 inches per year. Summer is usually the wettest time, although snow is common in the higher altitudes in winter.

Global warming and climate change have made the weather in Bulgaria less predictable, with greater extremes than in the past. In recent years, the country has seen blizzards, heat-waves, bush fires, unseasonal rain and flooding. Visitors are advised to check forecasts and arrive prepared for any weather conditions.

Best Time to Visit Bulgaria

April to October has some of the best weather for visiting Bulgaria, with summer being the warmest season when more attractions are open. July is the sunniest month with an average 10 hours of daylight. July and August are the busiest times and are when many European schools have summer holidays. This is also the most expensive time to visit Bulgaria, with hotel, food and transportation costs rising with increased demand.

Travelers coming to Bulgaria for ski season will obviously need to visit in winter, although the country enjoys a particularly long season, from December until May. December is the most expensive time at the resorts as visitor numbers are increased by holidaymakers seeking a white Christmas or taking advantage of a school break.

Late spring is an ideal time to visit Bulgaria as the weather is often clement and the crowds have not yet arrived.

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