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Austria Taxis and Car Rental

Taxis are readily available and safe in Austria. It is not usual to flag down a cab, but those needing to get somewhere in a hurry should make their way to the nearest taxi stand instead, which are usually marked around town or at major hotels. Look for licensed taxis, which will have a lit ‘taxi’ sign on the roof and the driver’s permit displayed in the front. Taxis are all metered; however, they can quickly become expensive if traveling long distance. In Vienna, the leading taxi companies are: Taxi 31300 (+43-1-313000), Taxi Wien (+43-664-4604-389), and Taxi 60160 (+43-1-60106).

Car rental is a popular option for those looking for transportation to explore the countryside and regions more off-the-beaten track. Austrian highways are easy to navigate and well-marked. Most rental cars now come with GPS navigators, making it even easier to drive. Parking, even in the cities, is easy to find. Car rental options are readily available at all major airports, as well as in cities. Finding rental cars is trickier in the countryside, so make sure to research and book ahead.

Austria Pedicabs

Many cities in Austria now offer pedicabs, or bicycle taxis, an eco-friendly way to travel. These pedicabs are generally available in city centers and have fixed prices for destinations so the driver should be able to share a price list. The pedicabs are three-wheel bicycles with a canopy roof, and can take up to two adults along with some baggage (not suitcases).

Austria Strassenbahn (S-Bahn)

Strassenbahn or street cars still ply most cities in Austria. The street cars are an easy way to explore as they travel above ground, making it is easy to figure out where to get on or off. Most cities offer day passes to ride the street cars, saving travelers the hassle of having to buy a ticket for each ride. In fact, buying tickets can be tricky, so ask for help the first time around.

Austria Trains and Buses

Public buses are a great way to explore any city center. Austrian cities all offer excellent bus networks, with services reasonably priced. A day pass is available for most areas and is the most economical way to travel for those who intend to use the bus more than three times in one day. Obtain a map for help navigating a city by bus and note they do not run through the night, with many stopping services at midnight.

Austria also has an excellent train network which is connected to the Euro-city and Inter-city networks. This makes trains an excellent option to explore the Austrian countryside and get from city-to-city. Those who are already traveling on a Eurail pass will be happy to know that it can be used on ÖBB services operated by Austrian Federal Railways.

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