Guyana Taxis and Car Rental

Many taxis operate throughout Georgetown, which can take you to other major cities in Guyana. You can easily find them outside major hotels and businesses. Additionally, your hotel might be able to arrange a private cab for you. It is worth noting that the fare might be slightly higher at night. If you are using a taxi for a long trip, negotiate a rate with the driver before you depart. Tips around 10 percent are expected. Travelers are advised to choose cabs from reputable companies and to avoid flagging them down roadside.

Car rental is limited in Guyana, but there are some companies based at the airport or in Georgetown. You can reserve vehicles through international providers like Hertz ( and Budget (+592-02-23247) or opt for local companies like Dollys Auto Rental (+592-225-7126), Rainbow Taxi and Car Rental (+592-02-66903) or Buddy’s Car Rental (+592-02-53983). If you want to explore the more remote areas, be sure to get a four-wheel drive vehicle. To drive in Guyana, you will need an International Driver's Permit plus a local driving permit valid for one month, which you can get from Georgetown’s License and Revenue Office. 

Guyana Water Taxis

In West Demerara, you can take a speedboat from Stabroek Stelling to Vreed-en-Hoop. There are also services to Bartica and other secluded resorts throughout the day. Water taxis are a great alternative to driving if you want to avoid the heavy traffic on the West Coast highway that links Parika to Demerara.

Guyana Trains and Buses

There are no scheduled passenger trains in Guyana, so minibuses serve as the main public transportation system. They run in designated zones according to a well-regulated fare system. The minibuses are privately owned and offer the cheapest means to get around.