Cuisine in Guyana is influenced by many different cultures, giving it a unique twist and a distinctive taste. Steak, chicken and pork dishes are staples on every menu. Shrimp is also a common ingredient in many local dishes. Don’t miss the chance to sample pepperpot, cassava bread or peanut punch.

Bars and Pubbing in Guyana

Guyana is not well known for its nightlife, but its bars and nightclubs serve excellent local concoctions. When craving beer, be sure to try Banks or the locally produced El Dorado Rum. The largest concentration of bars is in Georgetown.

Buddy’s Night Club (Sheriff Street, Georgetown) is a good place for music and dancing, but if you want a more energetic crowd, try Blue Iguana (5th and Light Street, Albertown, Georgetown). One of the capital's best sports bars is Windies (Middle Street, Georgetown) where you can enjoy an assortment of international and local cuisine while watching games on the big screen TV. Also on Middle Street is Le Bistro 176 (Middle Street, Georgetown) where you can relax in a quieter, more laid-back setting while sampling a wide selection of local wines, whiskeys, rums and cocktails.

Every weekend, Le Meridian Pegasus (Sea Wall Road, Kingston, Georgetown) hosts live bands playing music from the 1970's and ‘80s, as well as genres like reggae, Indian and soca for dancing. If you’re in the mood for rumba or salsa, try El Latino (Hadfeild Street, Georgetown) on Friday and Saturday nights.

Dining and Cuisine in Guyana

There are many places in Guyana where you can enjoy roti, pastries, cakes, curries, pepperpots, and seafood. Local specialties include chicken, prawn or mutton curry, foo-foo (cake plantains), Amerindian pepperpot, Portuguese garlic pork, and metamgee (dumplings with yams, eddews, plantains, cassava, and corn flour cooked in grated coconut milk). You can sample Creole dishes at German’s Restaurant (Lot 8 New Market & Mundy Streets, Georgetown) or Jerries Snackette (228 Camp Street, Georgetown).

Georgetown has the best selection of restaurants. For grilled delicacies, head to Hacks Halaal Restaurant & Take Away Service (5 Commerce Street, Georgetown), which specializes in Indian curries, sweet meats, vegetarian dishes, and pastries. Roti Hut (18 North Road & Albert Street, Georgetown) does not just serve Indian cuisine, but French breads, pastries, cakes, and ice cream. If you want fast food, Churches Chicken (Campe & Middle Streets, Georgetown) is a good place to enjoy fried chicken, burgers, fries, and fish. Try Francine’s Absolute Taste Fish Shop (Sherrif and Garnett Street, Georgetown) for traditional British fish and chips, and JR Burgers (3 Sanday Baab Street, Georgetown) for all-American shakes and burgers.

International chains like KFC can be found on Bagotstown EBD, Mandela Avenue and Vlessengen Road in Georgetown, and on Croal Street Stabroek, while Popeye’s has branches on Vlissengen Road and Duncan Street, Georgetown. You can also find Pizza Hut on Barima Avenue and Vlissengen Road, Georgetown.

International cuisine is everywhere, with Chinese food the most popular in Guyana. Buddy’s Mei Tung (137 Sheriff Street, Campbellville, Georgetown) is one of the notable Chinese restaurants in the capital, along with Hilton Restaurant (1 Garnett & Middleton Streets, Georgetown) and Golden Coast Restaurant (62 Main Street, Georgetown). Bottle Restaurant (294 Quamina Street, Georgetown) is a good place to go for Caribbean-spiced grilled snapper and baked lamb accompanied by English specialties and traditional dishes. You can also try French cuisine at Bistro 176 (176 Middle and Waterloo Streets, Georgetown) or Italian at La Cite Restaurant (45 Main Street, Plaza Hotel, Georgetown).