Whether you are an adventure-seeker or a nature lover; you will find plenty of things to do in Guyana. If you want to take it easy or get a break from the jungle and wildlife, retreat to the city of Georgetown or relax at one of the country’s lovely beach resorts. Guyana’s eco-tourism industry is growing, so you can expect plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. The mix of savannah, rivers, rainforests, and beaches attracts tourists from all over the world. Guyana is an ideal destination for camping, fishing and hiking.

Camping at the Rupununi Savannah’s Manari Ranch is one of the most popular activities here. If you’re looking for thrills, you can go on a white-water rafting adventure down the rivers of Mazaruni, the Kamuni or the Essequibo with the help of companies like The Adventure Company.

Rupununi Savanna is also an excellent place to enjoy horseback riding, and Explore! can help you get started. You can enjoy a trek in Kaieteur National Park to see its world-renowned waterfalls on the Potaro River. Located in the famous Guiana Shield, the area is home to a biologically diverse rainforest.

Mountain climbing is another recommended pastime, especially on the southwest edge of the Amazon Tepui. Challenge yourself by scaling Mt. Roraima, a mysterious landmark known for its unique species of flora forming the border between Guyana, Brazil and Venezuela. It also boasts amazing wind-carved rock formations.

Exploring the rainforests and mountains means spotting native wildlife. Guyana Wildlife Adventure offers trekking trips through the Orinduik and Kaieteur Falls areas, as well as Timberhead. You can head to the Amazon for a chance to meet some of the friendly indigenous people as you visit their farms. Trekking allows tourists to discover different species of birds, lizards and other animals in their natural habitat, and to find hundreds of species of plants which are internationally recognized for their medicinal and cosmetic properties.

The fresh waters of Guyana are ideal for game fishing. The season starts mid-February and lasts until late April, while fishing is also possible from August to late November. More than 1,800 species can be found in the waterways, which are connected to the Amazon River. You are likely to catch himara, arowana, payara, 30-pound bass, or peacock bass (lukanani). The Essequibo River, the New River area, Gluck Island, Rockstone, the Rupununi Burro Burro River, and the Kurupukari River are some of the best places to go angling. The Outdoor Store in Georgetown sells equipment, or you can sign up for a tour with Wilderness Explorers Tours.

The local botanical gardens, the promenade and the National Park of Georgetown are excellent places to go bird watching. If you want to venture out of the city, head to Iwokrama to see the merail guan, the blue-checked amazon and the rufous-throated antbird. At the Rupununi Savanna, you may find the harpy eagle, the green-tailed jacamar and the cayenne jay. The coastlines of Abary and Mahaicony are home to the hoatzin, and several migratory birds can be spotted on Guyana’s other shores. Join an organized birding tour through Guyana Amazon Tropical Birds or Wilderness Explorers.

Guyana is not particularly known for its beaches, but they are worth visiting to unwind and discover wildlife. Some of the notable sandy areas are Almond Beach, No. 63 Beach and Shell Beach. Bartica has excellent facilities for swimming.