Photo Credit: Trish Hartmann

St Maarten is a tropical country on an island in the Caribbean Sea. Temperatures do not fluctuate much here. In the coldest month of February, you can expect temperatures of between 72-82°F, and in the warmest month of August, you can expect temperatures between 78-87°F. Precipitation is fairly regular in St Maarten, and the country does not really experience a rainy season. The driest month is March, which sees about 1.5 inches of rainfall, and the wettest month is October, which see about 4.5 inches of rain.

Between mid-November and mid-April, St Maarten experiences regular trade winds blowing from the northeast, which has a pleasant cooling effect. During the summer months, the wind can be more forceful, bringing in heavy rain showers, although these showers do not last for long. Temperatures of the surrounding Caribbean waters range from 78-80°F in the winter to 82-84°F in the summer.

St Maarten is located within the Atlantic hurricane belt. The last major cyclone hit in 1995. Advanced warning systems are in place for people’s safety, although visitors should expect storms during the hurricane season. The official hurricane season is between June and November, which coincides with the wet season. However, St Maarten has only experienced two major hurricanes in over 50 years.

Best Time to Visit St Maarten

Mid-December to May is the typical high season in St Maarten. Hotels lower their rates by around 50 percent in May and June and November to December, so these periods may be good times to visit, while the weather is still pleasant and not affected by the hurricane season. Many hotels actually close during the hurricane season, from June/July until late October.

The weather is best between December and May, although accommodation needs to be booked at least two months in advance during this period. Christmas, Martin Luther King, and President’s Day long weekends are the busiest times for St Maarten. Visiting between November and mid-December means visitors will experience the same weather as peak period but at reduced prices.

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