Montserrat enjoys the same year-long hot tropical climate and cool trade winds as its eastern Caribbean neighbors. The island’s two main seasons are rainy from July to November when most hurricanes strike, and dry, December to June. Average temperatures hover between 76°F and 88°F throughout the year, with constant sea and mountain breezes which help keep Montserrat’s humidity among the lowest in the entire Caribbean.

The months between July and November may be Montserrat’s official rainy season, but the island’s annual precipitation, which ranges from 50 to 80 inches, is fairly well distributed all months of the year. Although Montserrat boasts some of the Caribbean’s cheapest accommodations, places to stay are also very limited, so advance booking is essential all times of the year.

Best Time to Visit Montserrat

Many believe the months between February and May are the most ideal to visit Montserrat, when the island’s climate is at its driest and the risk of hurricanes is lowest. Visitors may be reluctant to visit Montserrat during the July and August hurricane season given the island’s recent history, but the risk is no worse than any other Caribbean island.

The biggest inconveniences visitors will encounter during Montserrat’s rainy season are delayed transportation and heavy downpours which rarely last long. These sudden showers actually leave behind a refreshingly cool air during the slightly hotter rainy season. Visitors who during hurricane season should bring umbrellas and light raincoats along with the typically recommended light tropical clothing.