Visitors may not be able to find shopping malls or chains in Montserrat, but unique and independently owned stores and boutiques are scattered throughout the island. Most Montserrat shops are clustered around the Brades Main Road at the Ryan’s Court and the BBC complex. The yellow and green madras plaid cotton which is Montserrat’s national dress is incorporated into several clothing pieces and other crafts. Soufrière Hills volcano postcards, photographs and even volcanic rocks are also popular souvenirs.

Other Montserrat specialities for purchase include handcrafted leather from Wade’s Leather Goods, CDs by local musicians, handmade dolls, and homemade preserves like hot pepper sauce and guava jelly. The Montserrat Cultural Centre and Montserrat National Trust both boast gift shops selling impressive collections of fascinating literature and DVDs about the island.

One of Montserrat’s most unusual shops is the newly opened Emerald Spa, whose homemade soaps all contain ash and clay from the Soufrière Hills Volcano believed to have special therapeutic qualities. All Emerald Spa soaps are made with fragrant essential oils such as lemon grass, coconut, rosemary, honey, and locally sourced aloe. Each comes with a pumice stone also made from the Soufriere Hills Volcano debris.