Montserrat Taxis and Car Rental

The vehicles driven by Montserrat’s approximately 30 taxis are easily identified by their green license plates whose numbers begin with the letter H. Although many cabs are owned and operated by individuals, popular companies include B&D Taxi Service (+1-664-491-8797) out of St John’s and Davy Hill’s Daly’s Taxi, Tours and Rentals (+1-664-491-7172). Many drivers also offer four-hour guided tours of Montserrat.

Although none of the international car rental chains are represented in Montserrat, visitors can still get vehicles from a number of independent dealers. Some local companies only rent Jeeps, while others only have smaller vehicles, and some offer both so you'll have to call around. All rental vehicles have red license plates beginning with the letter R. Hilly, narrow roads, hairpin turns, lack of signage, and frequent honking may put you off from driving though. The small island has only two gas stations and no traffic lights.

Montserrat Water Taxis

The main ferry service between Montserrat and Antigua sails between Little Bay and Deep Water Harbour; a journey that takes about two hours in calm seas. Extra trips are added during St Patrick’s week and several other busy times of the year.

Montserrat Trains and Buses

Montserrat has no rail services. Aside from taxis, the main means of public transportation are minibuses, which have the same license plate as smaller cabs and do not travel on set schedules. Minibuses primarily only run on Montserrat’s main road during the day.