Valid passports and proof of a return or onward ticket are all most visitors need to enter Montserrat. Additional  visas requires exist for citizens of Cuba and many Eastern Bloc nations that can be acquired at British Consulate.

Vaccination certificates from travelers coming from nations with recent yellow fever or cholera epidemics are the only requirements for entering Montserrat. Embarkation taxes are charged to everyone, residents and tourists alike, who leaves the country. Departing John A Osbourne Airport passengers must pay additional security charges. More detailed information is posted on Montserrat’s official government website (

Health and Safety

As long as visitors stay away from the Soufrière Hills Volcano Exclusion Zone and stick to the safe northern third of Montserrat, their time on the island should be free of crime and health concerns. Visitors should not bring any conspicuously expensive valuables to Montserrat as many hotels have no safety deposit boxes. The tap water ranks among the cleanest and purest in the world, and all other foods produced on the island are safe to eat.

Although hurricanes remain a threat in Montserrat between June and November, the island is generally just as safe to visit during hurricane season as any other in the Caribbean. The Soufrière Hills volcano continues to smoke and spew on occasion, but the odds of another eruption on par with the 1995 devastation remain rare. United Kingdom citizens under 16 and over 65 receive free medical care as part of the reciprocal health agreement. There is only one sizable hospital in Montserrat, so anyone requiring special treatment must travel to Guadeloupe, Antigua or other nearby Caribbean islands.