FishSet Photo by jean-boris-h via Flickr Creative Commons

Dominica is a tropical country with a humid climate throughout the year. It experiences heavy amounts of rain compared to other islands in the Caribbean. Daytime temperatures often range from 75°F to 80°F and get up to 90°F during the summer. It can get cool at night and the northeastern trade winds help to moderate temperatures inland.

The dry season runs from December to May, and the wet from July to October. The island is prone to hurricanes, especially during the rainy months. Skies become cloudy and travelers may have a difficult time exploring because of sloppy conditions. The mountainous regions get up to 350 inches of rain a year, while the west coast sees only about 40 inches.

Best Time to Visit Dominica

The best time to visit Dominica is during the dry season, when it is easy to get around by car and explore the jungles. This is the perfect time to enjoy water sports and visit historic attractions without interruption. Restaurants and shops stay open much longer during high season although hotel rates tend to be at their peak, as well.

Fewer visitors come during the rainy season, so accomodations and flights are cheaper. If you are visiting during this time, be sure to bring a breathable rain jacket and boots. On the upside, it is easier to make tour arrangements and enjoy quieter surroundings with few tourists around.

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