DSCF5128 Photo by Eric Ashby via Flickr Creative Commons

Caribbean festivals are common during the first two months of the year, while culture-themed events occur from October to November in Dominica. Regardless of the type of celebration, you can always expect a lively, colorful, and fun atmosphere in Dominica holidays filled with music, dancing, food, and local culture.


A major highlight of the island, Carnival is celebrated a week before Ash Wednesday. Unlike other Caribbean islands, Dominica’s celebration is less commercialized. You can expect local pageants, dancing, and music during the festival.

Dominica Festival of the Arts

Every year from April through June, Dominica celebrates its Festival of the Arts. Gallery openings, theatrical performances and concerts take place throughout the island on a weekly basis.

Jazz n’ Creole

Happening in May, this festival is hosted in Fort Shirley, Cabrits National Park which draws participants from other French islands to Dominica. It showcases local jazz musicians who perform live.

Caribbean Endemic Bird Festival

Held yearly in April or May, this eco festival aims to increase awareness of Caribbean birds. Lectures and bird watching tours are part of the roster of activities.

Giraudel-Eggleston Flower Show

This event showcases Dominica’s natural beauty. You are welcome to discover and sample some of the best vegetables and fruits of the island, as well as admire creative flower arrangements and displays.

Dive Fest

One of the Caribbean’s longest-running scuba diving festivals, Dive Fest is held annually for nine days and features swim races, kayaking, a treasure hunt, and canoe contests. It usually takes place in July and aims to educate visitors on the most popular diving and water sports attractions on the island.

World Creole Music Festival

Held annually in October, this is one of the most anticipated festivals in the entire Caribbean. Windsor Park Stadium in Roseau is the center of the action which invites different bands to perform live each night.

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