Photo Credit: Dennis Beentjes

Due to its fortunate position on the equator, Bonaire enjoys one of the Caribbean’s most pleasant climates. The temperature is extremely consistent throughout the years, ranging from 79°F to 89°F with an average temperature of 81.5°F. Rainfall is few and far between, with less than 22 inches annually, which greatly benefits diving and snorkeling conditions. In fact, the western side of the island is always calm due to Bonaire’s location at a 90 degree angle, while the trade winds on the eastern side rarely exceed 15 mph. Although Bonaire’s almost perfect weather conditions are extremely appealing, visitors should bear in mind that protection from the sun is still essential so always bring sunscreen and hats. Located just under the hurricane belt, tropical storms are unlikely to dampen your trip.

Best Time to Visit Bonaire

Bonaire is an ideal destination to visit year-round due to its consistent good weather. Even in the brief rainy season, travelers will not be disappointed. There are a range of activities especially off the coast where the coral reef thrives because of the perfect climate. The island experiences a steady flow of visitors throughout the year, particularly between October and April when North Americans are looking to escape the harsh winters back home. Make sure to book accommodation well in advance if planning a trip during this period. February is the busiest month as a result of Carnival, the biggest festival of the year. The majority of establishments and attractions are open year-round, especially now that cruise ships dock on the island almost daily. If you want your experience on Bonaire to be tranquil and uninterrupted, the low season is a great time to visit the bucolic island and take advantage of cheap hotel and dive deals.

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