Saipan is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the place boasting the most invariable climate on Earth. The average temperature on Saipan and the other Northern Mariana Islands is a pleasantly warm and typically tropical 80°F during all 12 months of the year. Between six and eight hours of sun shine on the islands most days.

Occasional northeast trade winds are the only things which moderate Saipan’s weather conditions apart from the downpours during the July to October rainy season. In 2004, three major typhoons named Chaba, Songda, and Sarika struck the islands between August and September. The months between December and June are the Northern Mariana Islands dry season.

Best Time to Visit Northern Marianas Islands

The dry season months from December to June are the most ideal time to come to the Northern Mariana Islands. Those wishing to avoid crowds should stay away during Japanese national holidays, many of which fall during the islands’ dry season. The Japanese holiday period known as Golden Week between late April and early May is one of the busiest weeks of all.

The Northern Mariana Islands rainy season, on the other hand, may not seem to be an ideal time to visit as the islands are vulnerable to typhoons from July to October. However, most downpours rarely last long and even the heaviest of rainfalls are frequently interrupted by clear blue skies. Visitors must heed all advice given if they are caught on the islands during a typhoon. Rain gear is a must for all island visitors, even during the dry season, as showers occur at all times of the year.