Northern Mariana Islands Taxis and Car Rental

Taxis may be plentiful on the Northern Mariana Islands, especially Saipan, but they are also expensive and only permitted to travel between hotels, Saipan International Airport, and DFS Galleria Saipan. Visitors should nonetheless stick to taxis operated by legitimate companies such as Hafa Adai Taxi and Transportation (+670-285-8294) and Saipan Best Taxi Service (+670-287-3629) instead of the much cheaper illegal vehicles operated by South Korean and Chinese immigrants. Some Saipan taxi companies also offer guided tours of this small island.

As other Northern Mariana Islands public transportation options are few and far between, car rental is the easiest way to explore most of the islands. Saipan’s major hotels and airport offer the greatest varieties of vehicles for rent, some of which provide complimentary drop off and pick up services. Road conditions are good and driving laws are identical to those in the United States. Motorists in Rota should follow the local etiquette of waving or raising their hands on steering wheels while driving through this tiny island.

Northern Mariana Islands Water Taxis

Cruise ships, yachts, and military vessels are the only boats which sail regularly to the Northern Mariana Islands from other destinations. A Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casino ferry makes round trips between Saipan and Tinian four times per day. Each of these journeys takes just under an hour. There is also regular ferry service between the islands of Managaha and Saipan.

Northern Mariana Islands Trains and Buses

Privately owned shuttle buses traveling between DFS Galleria Saipan and several Saipan hotels are the only major public transportation options on these islands which lack any rail or public bus services. Many Saipan hotels also operate their own private bus tours to various island attractions.