As a Commonwealth of the United States, the Northern Mariana Islands has the same visa entry requirements as any other destination within that country, including those under the US Visa Waiver Program. Citizens of the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and nine other nations throughout Asia and the South Pacific do not need visas to visit the islands under the Guam-CNMI Visa Waiver Program as long as they do not stay longer than 45 days. Further visa details are posted at (

Health and Safety

Despite reports of vehicles, apartments, and hotel room burglaries in Saipan’s tourist areas, the island remains very safe compared to many other destinations for anyone who refrains from roaming around Saipan’s tourist areas after dark or leaving valuables unattended. The smaller Northern Mariana Islands, where crime is virtually unheard of, are safer still.

Apart from the regular August to November typhoon season, the biggest natural hazards on the Northern Mariana Islands are two active volcanoes named Agrihan and Pagan. Fortunately, neither volcano has erupted for quite some time. Although Saipan’s modern Commonwealth Health Center boasts full medical facilities, it is also crowded and understaffed. Tinian and Rota have smaller medical clinics. However, purchasing advance travel insurance is still strongly recommended as health care can be expensive, especially at the islands’ costly private clinics.