Northeast trade winds frequently cool the constant humid and tropical climate which prevails throughout the Pacific Islands of Micronesia. The annual average temperature is a sunny and hot 80°F, with lows rarely plummeting below 75°F and highs sometimes reaching as high as 89°F. The wetter of Micronesia’s two major seasons takes place between June and December, but rain is always a possibility at any time of the year.

The months from June to December are Micronesia’s typhoon season, but serious storms only occasionally strike the islands due to their location at the typhoon belt’s southern edge. The eastern islands receive the most rainfall of all, and Pohnpei ranks among the wettest places on Earth.

Best Time to Visit Pacific Islands of Micronesia

As tourism numbers remain low and temperatures always remain high on the Pacific Islands of Micronesia, there truly is no bad time to visit. However, the months between January and May bring the least amount of rainfall as well as slightly cooler temperatures. Pohnpei experiences up to 330 inches of rain on an annual basis. Pohnpei’s prime surfing season occurs between the months between October and April.

Typhoons are far more likely to strike during the June to December rainy season, but remain relatively rare because the islands are situated on the typhoon belt’s southern end. However, visitors should nonetheless pack rain gear alongside their lightweight cotton clothing no matter when they arrive in the Pacific Islands of Micronesia. Sweaters are recommended for the cooler and more mountainous inland areas.