Scuba diving may be the most popular outdoor activity in the Pacific Islands of Micronesia, especially Chuuk, whose Truk Lagoon ranks among the world’s most impressive underwater displays. However, the other three Federated States of Micronesia are also filled with unforgettable scuba diving sites, from Yap’s legendary Manta Ray dive to Pohnpei’s pristine coral reefs. Kosrae alone boasts more than 50 scuba diving sites.

However, the Pacific Islands of Micronesia also boast plenty of active pursuits above the surface. Pohnpei is most popular for its strong surfing, scenic kayaking, and Japanese WWII relics. Kosrae may contain the most dry land activities among the Federated States of Micronesia, from exploring some of Micronesia’s most unspoiled mangroves to reaching Mount Finkol’s 2,064-foot high summit at the end of the hiking trail named after Kosrae’s highest peak.

The Blue Lagoon Dive Shop and Micronesia Aquatics of Truk Lagoon are just two among many scuba diving operators offering guided excursions to Truk Lagoon. The lagoon’s coral reef system helps protect the nearly 70 submerged Japanese WWII airplanes and shipwrecks beneath its surface. None of these wrecks are more famous than the Fujikawa Maru, an Imperial Japanese Navy warship containing four disassembled fighter aircraft.

However, Truk Lagoon isn’t the only worthwhile scuba diving or snorkeling destination in the Pacific Islands of Micronesia. Kosrae Nautilus Divers organizes excursions to over 50 different sites within that island alone, while Yap Divers allows scuba divers and snorkelers to swim alongside gigantic manta rays. The island of Pohnpei is famous for its pristine coral reefs.

Pohnpei Surf Club is the leading surfing organization on the island boasting the best waves of any of the Pacific Islands of Micronesia. Although the island’s main surf season lasts between October and April, large crowds still swarm Pohnpei when there’s high waves during the rest of the year. Rides in locally-owned fishing boats are the only way to access the best waves of all.

Coco Marina is among Pohnpei’s leading kayaking tour organizers, while Kayaking Yap offers the same service on Yap. A Yap kayaking excursion take visitors past endless streams of isolated mangrove channels still untouched by humans, but kayaking is also among the easiest ways to reach Pohnpei’s legendary stone city of Nan Madol. Several smaller reef islands can also be reached by kayak.

Yap Anglers offers both chartered fishing and ocean-trolling tours where visitors can see their potential catches swimming up to 100 feet beneath the Pacific Ocean surface. Among the most impressive fish in these ink blue waters is the 40 pound giant trevally, which requires a 20 pound test line and a struggle lasting up to half an hour to reel in. Smaller and easier fish to catch include tuna, marlin, and mahi-mahi.

Micronesia Grand Tour is among the leading Pacific Islands of Micronesia of dry land hiking tours across these pristine islands. Kosrae’s Mount Finkol hiking trail is one of the most challenging treks any of the Federation States of Micronesia have to offer. The world’s lowest elevation cloud forest stands at the summit of Kosrae’s highest peak, but many believe the hike to the mountain is more of a challenge than the climb up this more than 2,000 foot high peak. A two-hour hike past Japanese WWII relics and tropical forests leads trekkers to the more accessible Mount Sokehs in Pohnpei.