Pacific Islands of Micronesia Taxis and Car Rental

None of the Pacific Islands of Micronesia have widely available public transportation options except for taxis. Each island has its own variety of taxi companies to choose from like Pohnpei’s Capital Taxi (+691-320-5485) or Yap’s Twenty-Four Seven Taxi Service (+691-350-8294). Taxis on all the islands are fairly cheap, but sometimes unreliable.

Car rental is the most reliable and practical way to travel around all of the Pacific Islands of Micronesia, all of which have up to a dozen different car rental companies to choose from. International Driving Permits or national driver’s licenses are required to drive vehicles on all of the islands. Road conditions around the larger Federated States of Micronesia communities are fairly good, but many roads are still unpaved in rural regions.

Pacific Islands of Micronesia Water Taxis

The islands of Yap, Pohnpei, and Chuuk all contain major international ports which welcome cruise and trading ships from around the world. The main ships which travel between the Pacific Islands of Micronesia are called the FSM Caroline Voyager and the Micro Glory.

Pacific Islands of Micronesia Trains and Buses

A school bus service between Yap’s capital of Colonia and smaller villages is the only significant public bus network on any of the Pacific Islands of Micronesia. Some island hotels also operate their own private charter buses. None of the Federated States of Micronesia have rail service.