English may be the official Pacific Islands of Micronesia language, but eight indigenous languages are spoken on various islands. These languages are Yapese, Ulithian, Woleaian, Chuukese, Kapingamarangi, Kosraean, and Nukuoro.


The island of Yap may be famous for its enormous stone rai of Yap currency, which remains in circulation to this day, but United States dollars remain the official and most practical currency used throughout the Pacific Islands of Micronesia. Although most large hotels, restaurants, and other sizeable tourism-related businesses accept most credit cards and travelers checks, several smaller businesses only accept cash payments. Chuuk is the only one of the four islands with no banking services.


The Pacific Islands of Micronesia span across two different time zones. The Truk Time Zone containing Chuuk and Yap is 10 hours ahead of GMT (GMT +10), while the Ponape Time Zone containing Ponape and Kosrae lies 11 hours ahead of GMT (GMT +11). None of the islands observe Daylight Savings Time.


The Pacific Islands of Micronesia share the same 110-120V electricity settings with Canada and the United States. Types A and B are the two accepted plug sockets, but transformers and plug adaptors are nonetheless recommended for all foreign visitors.


The Pacific Islands of Micronesia dialing code for Canada is +691, followed by another three-digit area code for each of the four major islands. The FSM Telecommunications Corporation oversees all television, cell phone, and internet service on the islands. Pohnpei was the first of the islands to receive high-speed Internet access, with the rest to follow shortly. Cell phone service is also widely available in all four Federated States of Micronesia.


Duty free shopping is available at Pohnpei International Airport. Duty-free import restrictions in the Pacific Islands of Micronesia include up to two liters of alcohol for visitors over 21 and reasonable perfume amounts for personal use. Tobacco restrictions are either 600 cigarettes or up to 454 grams of cigars or loose tobacco. Visitors are banned from importing firearms and ammunition on the islands. All flora and fauna imported into the islands are subject to restrictions and must be declared.

Tourist Office

Federated States of Micronesia Visitors Center, Palikir: +691-320-5133 or

Embassies in Pacific Islands of Micronesia

US Embassy, Kolonia: +691-320-2187 Australian Embassy, Pohnpei: +691-320-5448 Chinese Embassy, Palikir: +691-320-5575 Japanese Embassy, Pohnpei: +691-320-5465


Emergency services: 911