The Northern Territory is home to two distinct climatic regions. The Top End, as Northern Territory’s far north region is often called, experiences tropical climatic conditions. The wet season brings heavy rainfall, high humidity and temperatures averaging 91˚F (33˚C). Monsoon rains and tropical cyclones frequently hit the northern coast during the months of December, January and February. The dry season hits between May and October. Temperatures rarely fall below 84˚F (29˚C), and rainfall is minimal.

The center of the territory is mostly desert landscape, which means the region is predominantly arid and semi-arid. Throughout the year, this area of the Northern Territory receives less than 10 inches of rain. The summer season (December to February) experiences extremely hot temperatures, often reaching 95˚F (35˚C) and above. This is comparably less than the northern reaches of the territory, which boasts more than 60 inches of rain throughout the summer period.

Best Time to Visit Northern Territory

Regardless of the region, the Northern Territory is best visited between the months of May and September. The northern areas of the territory receive very high rainfall during the wet season (October to March), so traveling during this period is not recommended. When it rains in the Northern Territory, it rains hard, bringing inches in one sitting. Therefore, many of the roads and access routes to areas outside Darwin become inundated with water. This makes traveling around the area extremely dangerous and risky, if not totally impossible. In the Red Center, the weather during summer can reach very uncomfortable highs, making it inconvenient for travel.

Between the months of April and August, most of the territory’s tourism takes place. Flights reach their peak costs in June and July, and so too do the accommodation and transportation prices. The Top End is much drier in the winter months (dry season), and the beautiful Red Centre experiences milder weather and clear skies. If tourists are looking for the cheapest rates without getting waterlogged throughout their holiday, a trip during October or March is recommended.