English is the main language used throughout the Northern Territory. However, there are large pockets of Indigenous Australian communities that still predominantly speak their native language, using English as a second language, if at all.


Like other parts of Australia, the only currency in use throughout the Northern Territory is the Australian dollar (AU$). In Darwin, credit cards are widely accepted for hotels, restaurant meals and large shopping purchases. However, credit card purchasing becomes much more limited outside the capital city. The same goes for banking institutions and ATMs. Darwin and Alice Springs have an abundance of these facilities, but outside these cities, banking services can be limited.


Northern Territory follows Australian Central Standard Time, which is 9 hours and 30 minutes in front of Universal Coordinated Time (+9:30 UTC).


220-240 volts are used within Australia, and therefore the Northern Territory follows the same pattern. The plugs used in the territory are different to those used in countries like the United States. Travelers will need a three-prong plug, which boasts one grounding flat pin and two diagonal pins.


Major towns and cities along the Stuart Highway and in other regions of the Northern Territory have GSM 900 or 1800 mobile coverage. However, outside of these cities and towns, reception isn’t reliable at all, and sometimes it’s totally nonexistent unless satellite coverage is obtained. Many of the strongest communication networks are found around Darwin, although Alice Springs is also quite reliable. Both cities also provide internet connections for the public.


Similar to other state and territories of Australia, Darwin boasts some strict duty-free limitations on goods coming into the airport. Passengers may bring in no more than 2.25 liters of liquor or alcoholic beverages, 250 grams of tobacco or 250 individual cigarettes, and AU$900 worth of gifts.

Tourist Office

Tourism Northern Territory, Darwin: +61-8-8999-3900 or

Consulates in Northern Territory

Consulate of Italy, Darwin: +61-8-9322-4500 Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia, Darwin: +61-8-8943-0200 Consulate of Belgium, Darwin: +61-8-8982-4700 Finnish Consulate, Darwin: +61-8-8999-7560 Consulate Mexican, Darwin: +61-8-8947-0588


Emergency services: 000