Being a territory of Australia, the Northern Territory requires all international travelers to pass through necessary customs inspections. US travelers may apply for an Electronic Travel Authority, which is basically an online visa that allows US tourists a quick and easy entrance into the Northern Territory. More information can be found at Other nationalities eligible for this type of visa include Hong Kong citizens, Japanese travelers and Canadian citizens.

Health and Safety

There are plenty of interesting yet sometimes dangerous animals in the Kakadu Wetlands and National Park. Crocodiles frequent the waterways, so swimming must be done cautiously if at all. Several deadly snake species are found in the Northern Territory too, including the death Adder and king brown. However, they are rarely seen and are generally not aggressive. Always bring reliable mosquito and insect repellant too when traveling the Top End.

Due to the extreme heat and humidity, travelers are advised to wear comfortable and loose clothing. Make sure much of the skin is covered too, as the sun is blistering at times, leaving dangerous sunburn. Apply sunscreen at all times. In addition to sun protection, another helpful hint for tourists is to drink plenty of water when holidaying in the territory. Dehydration is a major issue among unsuspecting tourists, especially during the intense summers.