Northern Territory Taxis and Car Rental

Taxis are available in the major cities of the Northern Territory, including Darwin and Alice Springs. In the capital, there are several reliable taxi services, including City Radio Taxis (+61-8-8981-3777) and Darwin Radio Taxis (+61-8-8985-0777). From the major airports around Northern Territory, taxis are in abundance. At most times of the year, especially in Darwin, tourists will have no trouble waving down a taxi in the center of town.

If tourists are confident in their map reading skills and driving abilities, then car hire is the best option for getting around the towns and between towns. Large companies like Budget and Thrifty provide car hire services for travelers. Be sure to get full coverage insurance when traveling outside the cities and towns, as roads can be treacherous during the wet season.

Northern Territory Trains and Buses

Bus networks are found in the city of Darwin, but most of the other settlements and towns around the territory don’t have a regular bus system in place. Buslink is the name of Darwin’s inner-city public bus transportation. It serves much of the city and its outlying areas.

Inter-city bus operations mainly link the cities and towns along the Stuart Highway. Greyhound buses operate daily connections between Darwin and Adelaide, so towns like Alice Springs and Tennant Creek can be reached via cross-country coach transportation. Tickets are much cheaper than flights into the Northern Territory, but the trip is much longer. Even still, passengers can take in a great scenic landscape along the way.

Train travel in the Northern Territory is geared towards tourists, so is relatively expensive when compared to buses and car hire. The train route between Darwin and Adelaide is known as The Ghan, and the train makes the journey across Australia two times per week. The train route passes numerous towns before reaching the Northern Territory capital, including Katherine, Alice Springs and Tennant Creek.