Seychelles 2009 by icymonkey via Flickr Creative Commons

Seychelles Taxis and Car Rental

Aside from the bus, getting around Mahé and Praslin islands is best done by taxi. They are numerous and metered and can be booked through the Seychelles Taxi Operators Association (+248-251-9355). There are also taxis on La Digue, although hotels can usually coordinate transport to the smaller islands if they have roads. Those that don’t are typically small enough to be negotiated on foot or by bicycle.

Taxis can be expensive if you’re on Mahé or Praslin and use them a lot. They have a flag-pull rate and are metered per kilometer, although you can organize an island tour with them for a set price. If you want to see Mahé, it is quite doable by rental car. Drivers should be at least 21 years and have held a license for at least three years. Prices are similar to big US cities, but can often be negotiated (locally) if renting for three days or more, though it’s best to pre-book online.

Seychelles Boats and Ferries

While it is cheaper to go between Mahé and Praslin by boat than fly, it is quite steep nevertheless. The high speed Cat Cocos catamaran takes an hour to make the trip and is the best option with respect to cost. A cheaper public option between Mahé and Praslin is the Belle Serafina schooner ferry, which takes three or four hours and also goes between Praslin and La Digue. If you want a more intimate trip, private vessels also run this route or you can rent a boat and guide yourself throughout the Seychelles.

Seychelles Buses

The blue, government-run SPTC buses are the primary form of public transportation and the cheap way to travel. They run main routes on both Mahé and Praslin islands daily between 5:20 a.m. and 9:30 p.m., every 15 minutes or so. Buses are air-conditioned and comfy enough, although it is best to avoid long distances on Mahé as the island is hilly and drivers test the speed limits. Schedules are also a bit unreliable.

There is also a bus available from the airport on Mahé to Victoria and the main beaches, along with an 18-seater tour bus. On La Digue, visitors will have to rely on taxi travel, while the other islands are small enough to get about on foot or by bicycle.

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