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Food in Seychelles is usually high quality and most restaurants away from town overlook the water for a lovely evening out. Seafood is ubiquitous and most places will cater to French and English tastes, as well as Indian and local Creole. The capital, Victoria, has the most eateries and the best value. It also has most bars and clubs, although in general Seychelles is more for relaxing than pumping nightlife.

Bars and Pubbing in Seychelles

Though definitely not a clubber destination, options to have fun at night can be had in Victoria (Mahé Island) where you can find hotels with bars and venues to dance or listen to music, along with independent nightclubs and restaurants with live entertainment. You won’t find any pubs spilling onto the streets, as the Seychelles is conservative in that respect. Level 3 Bar (Central Victoria, Mahé) is the best known for a chill night out, Lovenut one of the top clubs, and Katiolo’s (Anse Faure, Mahé) is also a big hit on Mahé.

There is also a cinema in Victoria, and the theater has regular performances, including some in Creole. Another good option for nightlife on Mahé Island is at Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort (Beau Vallon, Victoria, Mahé), which is a hotel complex with multiple bars and a casino.

Hotel resorts on Praslin also have bars and clubs where tourists can kickback. La Reserve Hotel (off Anse Volbert Beach, Praslin), for example, has three bars along the beach, and good restaurants. The best club on Praslin is The Jungle and there’s also a nearby casino, Casino des Iles (Côte d’Or, Praslin). La Digue has fewer options and is a quieter island altogether. However, most of the larger Seychelles hotels will have evening entertainment that include barbecues and local music.

Clubs stay open to a surprising 3:00 or 4:00 a.m., about the same time the casinos close, but expect bars in hotel resorts to close earlier. For a local beer, Seybrew is quite palatable and cheaper than imported beers. For liquor, be sure to give the locally distilled Takamaka rum a go.

Dining and Cuisine in Seychelles

Understandably, Mahé and Praslin islands also have the best pick of dining. Most are hotel based, but you’ll also find many independent eateries set along the beaches that generally offer better value for money. Most restaurants are in Victoria where you will also find the best choice and variety of cuisines, from local Creole and African to English, French and Chinese. The Boat House (Beau Vallon, Victoria, Mahé) does a great Creole buffet, while Le Reduit (Chemin Grande Police, Victoria, Mahé) has tasty crab.

Most of the restaurants on Praslin Island in Seychelles are along the water, including the excellent Jetty Restaurant (La Reserve Hotel, Praslin). You won’t find much in the way of budget dining, but the quality and location are generally worth the hefty price tag. Le Château de Feuilles (Pointe Cabris, Praslin Island) is one of the best French eateries, while Legend Restaurant (Lémuria Resort, Praslin) is more moderately priced.

Even the smaller islands will have good restaurant options in their hotels and you can be sure that menus and wine lists appeal to most types of visitor.

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