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Seychelles International Airport

The Seychelles’ main airport resides a few miles to the southeast of the capital, Victoria, and also within easy reach of Anse Royale. It handles around 600,000 passengers per year, though there are no direct flights from the USA. North Americans typically fly through Johannesburg, South Africa, with national carrier Air Seychelles. Emirates also fly direct from Dubai and Condor from Frankfurt (Germany).

The airport has two terminals (international and domestic), which have good enough facilities for their size. Services include ATMs, currency exchange and banks, as well as restaurants and bars, duty-free shopping in the international terminal, and wireless internet throughout. Taxis run 24 hours to all points on Mahé Island, while buses also serve the area during the day.

The fastest way to get to Praslin is to take an Air Seychelles flight, which there are several of per day. The likes of Bird, Fregate, and Denis islands are also connected, with Helicopter Seychelles running regular shuttles to Praslin and La Digue

Praslin Island Airport

Praslin’s airport in the northwest of the island, is well within reach of Anze Lazio and other main Praslin destinations. It is known locally as Iles des Palmes Airport and serves around 200,000 passengers a year, mostly from Mahé Island. Scheduled flights come in from Mahé throughout the day as it is just a short, 30-minute hop by Air Seychelles propeller plane or by helicopter.

Charters run from Praslin Island Airport to some of the other islands in the Seychelles, while those heading to Aldabra Atoll in the Outer Islands will need to fly to Assumption via Mahé Island. Scenic flights to nearby La Digue and Cousin islands by helicopter are also popular.

The little airport is modern and clean, but you should pick up essentials and currency at Seychelles International Airport as facilities for eating and drinking are quite limited. Visitors on the return flight can check bags through to their final destination—be it the USA or Europe—if flying all the way with Air Seychelles. Taxi or shuttle transfers to Praslin hotels take no more than 30 minutes.

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