Gabon has an equatorial climate, which means that it experiences extremely hot and wet weather. The driest season is between the months of June and August, while rains are more common from October through May. April and November receive the most precipitation, so it is best to avoid travel during these months when dirt and unpaved roads become almost impassable. Humidity is ridiculously high here, averaging 80 percent throughout the year, while the average daily temperature is 81°F. The dry season officially lasts until September, but short dry spells may be experienced from mid-December through mid-January.

Best Time to Visit Gabon

Gabon’s natural attractions are best appreciated during the dry seasons, typically between May and September, when the weather is cooler, less humid and less sticky. The second dry spell between mid-December and mid-January is also a good time to visit. Avoid the rain and you will be sure to have a great time exploring Gabon’s pristine and rugged wilderness.