Good dining options abound in Gabon’s cities, especially in the capital town of Libreville. Eating out is enjoyable, as many interesting establishments serve a variety of cuisines, but prepare to pay more than in neighboring countries. The extra cost is easily justifiable, as food in Gabon is highly palatable, as are the continental-inspired dishes found in most restaurants. Traditional plates come with yams or cassava, rice, or manioc paste, paired with either meat or fish. Spicy sauces are also commonplace, as is cassava-flour (gari) porridge. French cooking is popular in the cities, as are local favorites like nyembwe, chicken seasoned with pine nuts, meat, fufu stews, and stuffed crab.

Bars and Pubbing in Gabon

There are many appealing nightclubs and entertainment venues in the major cities of Gabon, giving visitors their fill of pulsating nightlife before heading out into the wilderness. Bars, clubs, and cafés abound in the main cities like Libreville. Music bars are also popular, while some hotels have their own in-house casinos. Sampling the local brews is a must, as the beer on tap is top notch. Favorites include Regab, Castel and Beaufort. There are also plenty of imported wines and spirits if you're interested in a more high end cocktail. Libreville is lively and glitzy at night, especially in the Louis area, where most of the restaurants, bars and clubs are located.

On the main road in Louis, you will find Le Warhol (Main Street, Libreville), a trendy spot with pop-art decor and a large dance floor bathed in psychedelic lights. Dance to the beats and enjoy rounds of drinks as you mix and mingle with fellow travelers, expats and locals. Butterflies (Main Street, Libreville) is also quite popular. While it may seem rustic from the outside, its interior will surprise you with a chic lounge area and a raging dance floor. If you just want to chill and relax, visit Pakito Lounge (Main Street, Libreville), which is know for its pool tables. Other bars worth checking out on the Main Street and elsewhere in the city include Mirage Lounge, Hollywood, Chez Dédé Bar, Café Del Mar, and Le Zénith.

Port Gentil also has its share of trendy clubs, and discotheques such as Duponette, Le tip-top, Le gallion, and Le millenium. There are plenty of little bars in the city center featuring good dancing, karaoke, night shows, and other forms of entertainment after dark.

Dining and Cuisine in Gabon

Dining out in Gabon offers diverse cuisines and local favorites. The best places to go are the seafront restaurants in Libreville. La Dolce Vita (Montagne Sainte, Libreville) is a great spot to enjoy Italian food in a relaxing atmosphere. It is in the Port Môle area, which offers unparalleled ocean views. If you want the royal treatment and fine dining, head to Le Phare Du Lage (Au Bor du Mer Gué-Gué, Libreville), which is known for its fresh seafood dishes and top notch food, and boat/sea theme. Le Bateau Ivre (Gué-Gué, Libreville), offering good European cuisine, is in the same area.

The Louis quarter in Libreville has a bustling restaurant and bar area, playing host to some of the most popular wining and dining spots in town. Costa Sylvia (Quartier Louis, Libreville) is a great place to savor Gabonese, European and Romanian specialties. This family-friendly restaurant is also frequented by ministers and businessmen. L’Odika (Quartier, Louis, Libreville) is a popular choice, not only for its unique French African fusion dishes, but also for its menu of excellently prepared bush meat and seafood, as well as its ambient open-air setting. L’Indochine (Quartier Louis, Libreville) offers delectable Asian dishes and a weekend buffet.

Elsewhere in the city, other dining establishments are worth checking out, like Le Pelisson (Nombakélé, Libreville), a café offering comfort food like pastries and omelets. The cool and trendy Jacky Cochon (Quartier Derriére Prison, Libreville) is a great place for grilled dishes. For a lighter bite, visit Dakota (north of Libreville), a hopping pizza joint close to the Tropicana.