Gabon is home to skilled artisans, especially carvers who are dedicated to maintaining their ancestor's traditional craft making. Popular souvenirs include Fang masks, wooden carvings, pottery, figurines, and ethnic musical instruments. These local must-haves are easy to find in almost any street stall, as well as in the town markets. Libreville is home to bustling markets like Mon-Bouet, Nkembo and Akebe-Plaine. The lively Mon-Bouet Market is the largest of its kind in Libreville, and is an excellent place to find bargains on gifts and other authentic Gabon products.

Marche Artisenal, or the artisan market, is located close to the US Embassy building. Here, Senegalese merchants offer all kinds of interesting goods ranging from jewelry to clothes, beautiful paintings and African instruments. Local towns and villages are a great place to pickup authentic crafts with M’Bigou and Eteke being the best of the bunch.