Equatorial Guinea Taxis and Car Rental

Bush taxis are the main form of transportation in Equatorial Guinea. It is a type of shared taxi connecting Malabo with other major towns like Riaba and Luba. Bush taxis also run to Ebebiyin and Mongomo from Bata. They may be rented on a daily or hourly basis. Malabo can easily be explored on foot, but traditional cabs also operate within the city limits. Rates are more expensive at night.

Driving a car, while possible, is not recommended, as you might come across military and police roadblocks where you will be questioned. If you opt to rent a vehicle, be sure to have your registration, passport and a driving license on you at all times. There are still many undeveloped roads, but new streets are being built in Bata, Malabo and some outlying areas. Rental cars are available at the airport through international companies like Europcar and Avis.

Equatorial Guinea Water Ferries

A ferry service operates between Douala, Bata and Malabo. The trip takes approximately 12 hours, but the fare is significantly cheaper than what you would pay to fly. Four passenger classes are available for the journey with different rates. You can take a pirogue (passenger boat) to visit the smaller islands like Corisco.

Equatorial Guinea Trains and Buses

Minibuses are a common form of public transportation in Equatorial Guinea. They tend to become overcrowded, but they are perfect for getting around and heading to the outskirts of Malabo and Bata. There are no passenger train services.