Malabo International Airport

Also known as Saint Isabel Airport or simply Malabo, this travel hub is Equatorial Guinea’s main aviation gateway. It is situated in Punta Europa on Bioko Island and was named after the nation’s capital. The city of Malabo itself is about five miles (nine kilometers) east of the airport.

Malabo International Airport was built in 1990, when it was merely a shack with tin roofing. Back then, it was mostly used by the government. Nowadays, it is classified as a military and public airport, and is operated by ADGE (Aeropuertos de Guinea Equatorial) in a contemporary terminal building with a modern lounge. More than 30,000 passengers are served by the airport each year.

There are 11 airlines in operation, including Air France, Royal Air Maroc, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, and Lufthansa with international flights to Casablanca, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Madrid, and Douala. Local flights are available to and from Bata.

The terminal has eight gates, six check-in desks, two baggage claim areas, and two air bridges. A small, but limited business center is on-site, as well as a first aid station. There is also a small VIP lounge and a restaurant inside the airport. Taxis are readily available to transport passengers to Malabo. Short-term and long-term parking is available.

Bata International Airport

Simply known as Bata Airport, this facility is situated about four miles (7.6 kms) from central Bata, which is approximately 11 minutes away by car. The second most used Equatorial Guinea airport overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and is also close to Utonde.

Bata International Airport has one passenger terminal operated by Aeropuertos de Guinea Ecuatorial (ADGE). The runway is only operational during the day, as long as the conditions are clear. Flights connect to Malabo as well as to Douala, Cotonou, Libreville, and Annobon. The carriers operating here include Guinea Ecuatorial Airlines, Cronos Airlines, and CEIBA Intercontinental.