Equatorial Guinea sits atop the Atlantic coast between Gabon and Cameroon, and combines the look and feel of the African tropics with Spanish architectural influences. The volcanic landscape of Bioko provides a lovely backdrop to your vacation, with the city of Malabo serving as a gateway to many hiking adventures. A large population of wildlife and beaches can be found on the mainland, Rio Muni. There are plenty of things to do for every kind of traveler, from the laid-back to the explorer.

Naturetrek is a fully licensed tour operator with a large selection of organized wildlife safaris and nature trips throughout Equatorial Guinea. Leading botanists and ornithologists accompany travelers as they explore a range of natural attractions. The leisurely pace allows for more time to look at the wildlife and take pictures.

Monte Alen National Park is one of the best places to go hiking and trekking in the country. The steep and rugged terrain makes the climb challenging, yet conquerable. Travelers may get the chance to meet mandrills, gorillas, forest elephants, and several species of birds along the way. If you are interested in more challenging routes, Pico Malabo is a good choice. The volcano has a range of secluded hiking trails and has become a popular destination for mountain climbing, too. Otherwise, there is Pico Basile, a good vantage point for panoramic views of the island where Mount Cameroon can be seen on a clear day. Malabo Island is another notable trekking spot in Equatorial Guinea where visitors can explore an active volcano’s slopes.

Thanks to Equatorial Guinea’s rich rain forests and wildlife, safari tours are a popular pastime for visitors. Anstar Safaris offers photography and overland tours where travelers are accompanied by experts in the field. Another choice is Safari Adventure Holidays, which organizes trips to Equatorial Guinea’s finest destinations, including the Cascades of Moca and Monte Alen National Park.

Its wealth of beaches makes Equatorial Guinea a great destination for swimming. Ureca is quite popular during the dry season, as turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. A small guesthouse can serve as a base, while the surrounding jungle offers hiking opportunities. Bioko Island is home to Arena Blanca, a picturesque white sand beach. Thousands of butterflies flock to the area during the dry season.

There are rugged cycling opportunities because most of the roads in Equatorial Guinea are unpaved. Renting a bicycle is a great way to familiarize yourself with the culture, surroundings and the locals, just be careful when passing roadblocks and inspection points.