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The exploration of Whitewater Rivers is still ongoing in Latin America. While large groups run rivers in places like Costa Rica on a daily basis, Andean rivers in Bolivia and Ecuador only see a visitor when a group gets together. Head to Peru and nearly the everywhere in the southern half of the Andes has a Class IV-V rapids. For something more tropical go to Honduras where rapids meet rainforest in the midst of one of the country’s favorite national parks. The opportunities everywhere in Latin America are growing.

  1. Rio Futaleufú, Chile Often considered the best whitewater river in the world, the Futaleufú in Chile’s Northern Patagonia has mystifying turquoise waters created by the till from glacier run off. Rapids run from Class II-V and attract whitewater enthusiasts from all over the world.
  2. Rio Apurímac, Peru The Apurímac sits in a 9,843 feet deep canyon not far from the South America’s tourist capital of Cusco. Awesome scenery and rare wildlife such as Andean bears, pumas, and otters can occasionally be seen while tackling the Class III-V rapids. Rio Reventazón.
  3. Rio Cangrejal, Honduras These class III-V rapids border the virgin rainforest of Pico Bonito National Park. This river is divided into top, upper, and lower sections all easily accessible from the party capital and beach town of La Ceiba.
  4. Rio Pacuare, Costa Rica You’ll raft your way through Class II-IV rapids in primary rainforest in the heart of a nature preserve rarely seen by anyone and home to a native tribe. Multiple day trips allow you camp, stay at a lodge, or hike in the reserve.
  5. Rios Toachi and Blanco, Ecuador These two raging Class III-IV rivers fall form the western slopes of Ecuador’s Andean cloud forests. The 125 miles of rafting terrain are the most run in all of Ecuador.
  6. Rio Colca, Peru Dramatic cliffs hide this vicious river in the world’s second deepest canyon after nearby Cotahuasi. In your off time search for Andean condors and soak your bones in the nearby hot springs.
  7. Rio Cañete, Peru The town of Lunahuana is base camp for a number of Class III-V+ runs on the Rio Cañete south of Lima. Most trips are day runs, but a 4-day run on the most difficult stretch of the river for advanced rafting and kayaking.
  8. Mendoza, Argentina Who would have thought there is something other than wine in Mendoza. As the Mendoza River snakes its way from the snow-capped peaks of the Andes Class IV-V rapids, the best in Argentina, can be found.
  9. Rio Reventazón, Costa Rica This 25 mile jungle river run is one of the most exciting in Central America. The Class II-IV rapids are matched by lush rainforest crammed with monkeys and Blue Morphos.
  10. Rio Tuichi, Bolivia Most often run as a four day trip, this Class II-IV begins in rare tropical dry forest and ends in the heart of the Bolivian rainforest at Madidi National Park.

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