The lakes, keys, banks and passages of North America invite exploration at every stop be it a hunt for grizzlies in Alaska or the fishing and diving opportunities of Florida. There’s real variety here and enormous panoramas to enjoy.

  1. Florida Keys

    Sailing here is a true pleasure. Pleasant breezes, tropical climate and clear waters make this a good location year round. When you’re not sailing try fishing, diving, snorkeling or water skiing – as long as you’re in or on the water.

  2. New England

    Journey along the Northern Atlantic in romantic fog from New York to take in the nautical landmarks, timeless architecture and picturesque harbors of the coastline. Highlights include the exclusive seaside community of Newport, historical Boston and the salty coast of Maine. Artist colonies and excellent restaurants will tempt you ashore and the remnants of a whaling trade.

  3. Prince Williams Sound, Alaska

    Head into the Alaskan Ice fields for some fabulous wildlife viewing opportunities such as grizzlies and whales.

  4. Bras d’Or Lakes, Cape Breton

    This inland sea dominates the center of Cape Breton Island and is surrounded almost entirely by high hills and low mountains. It is home to an array of wildlife including cormorants and large concentrations of Bald Eagles and has become a favored boating destination thanks to its remarkable scenery. In the summer there are warm waters for swimming and numerous safe anchorages.

  5. The Great American Loop

    Some probably consider this journey a little loopy, but if you cover these 7,456 miles of Eastern North America’s waterways you will be christened a "looper" at the very least. Highlights include the Atlantic and Gulf Intracoastal Waterways, the Great Lakes, the Canadian Heritage Canals and the inland rivers of America’s heartland.

  6. California

    Take in the cities, coastlines and islands of the Pacific Ocean by marina hopping from San Francisco to San Diego.

  7. Outer Banks

    The Outer Banks are a favored vacation playground for boaters with a chain of barrier islands surrounded by water and filled with history and abundant natural resources. But it’s not known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic for nothing. Take extra care here; more than 2000 ships have sunk on this coastline thanks to gravitating shoals and submerged sandbars.

  8. Northwest Passage, Alaska

    This is the place to watch whales frolicking, bears fishing, and eagles soaring all within range of your stern. Sail the passage and enjoy the polar climate, icy reaches and wildlife on the way.

  9. Inside Passage, British Columbia

    Rug up warm for this leisurely cruise through the spectacular vistas of Canada. Mountains, wilderness, sandy beaches and teeming streams surround you. Meander through the other traffic, be it dolphins or killer whales, and shelter in small coves to sight black bears.

  10. Hawaii

    You can’t beat Hawaii for its extraordinary sea life. Take in the dolphins, pilot and humpback whales from your own decks or wander ashore to explore the rainforests and waterfalls.