It should come as no surprise that this region boasts some of the best harbors and seas for sailing and yachting. This region was made for the sole purpose of exploring the seas whether it is the coral infested regions of the Great Barrier Reef or the quiet shores of a Tahitian island this is the place to come.

  1. Sydney Harbour, Australia

    This is one of the world’s most beautiful natural harbors. Sail past the Opera House, under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and enjoy the other water craft. Try to get out on the water for the start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race, otherwise come on a balmy New Years Eve or Australia Day.

  2. Whitsundays, Queensland

    It’s hard to beat these 74 islands for beauty with coral reefs, powdery white beaches and amazing wildlife. It’s a sailing dream with secure anchorages and little ocean swell.

  3. Bay of Islands, New Zealand

    These studded bays, blue seas, silvery beaches rate with sailors as one of the world’s finest cruising regions. On shore there are historic townships to explore and pockets of sub-tropical forests.

  4. Fiji

    The perfect yachting location lies amongst this collection of over 300 islands. Most of these atolls are trimmed with exquisite beaches so you can drop anchor just about anywhere to enjoy lush forests and explore the ocean setting.

  5. Moreton Bay, Queensland

    This stunning wide expanse of sheltered blue waters is popular with recreational boaters for its aquatic playground, marine sanctuary and unspoiled islands including the large sand island of the same name. The bay is ideal for spotting dolphins, whales, turtles, manta rays and birdlife.

  6. Tonga

    This low key destination is completely idyllic. There are no five star resorts, shopping malls or major developments so you can enjoy cruising beside humpback whales or over colorful corals just that much more. There are an endless number of beautiful lagoons and caves to explore.

  7. Vanuatu

    Journey into an untouched paradise aboard a sailing boat in Vanuatu. Each romantic island is fringed with reef and completely unspoiled.

  8. Milford Sound, New Zealand

    Sail through this spectacular fjord soaking in the brisk fresh air, spectacular mountains and picturesque pastures.

  9. Tahiti

    Sailing into the protected lagoons of this jewel of the Pacific or meander island to island between volcanic peaks covered in lush forest. Crystal-clear waters invite you to snorkel, swim and dive. The ports are uncrowded and charming, as are the beaches and lagoons.

  10. New Caledonia

    Be impressed by the vibrant colors of New Caledonia from the rich blue waters, clear lagoons, lush forests and white sand beaches. There is exquisite diving and unbeatable walking tracks.