Latin American sailing destinations focus on crystalline, tropical waters, reef wildlife and remnants of ancient civilizations. Cuba offers up its fascinating cultural history into the mix, the Virgin Islands their volcanic characteristics and the Galapagos Islands a plethora of animal and marine life. Pack your snorkel and fins here and your walking and dancing shoes.

  1. Virgin Islands, Eastern Carribbean

    Forget the casinos and entertainment of other sailing locations, this one is all about peace and relaxation. The Virgin Islands are a group of small and mostly uninhabited islands and one of the safest yacht areas in the world with numerous sheltered harbors. Many are of volcanic origin which gives character to the terrain and provides superb waters for swimming, snorkeling, diving and sailing.

  2. Belize

    Belize has a barrier reef that rivals Australia’s and is an ideal destination for a sailing journey. There are plenty of deserted tropical islands to go around and plenty of snorkeling and diving.

  3. Cuba

    The sub tropical climate and balmy northeast trade winds make this a winning sailing location. This is the largest of the Caribbean islands and the fascinating colonial history mixed with Latin American, Spanish and African cultures makes for a colorful combination. If it’s the submarine world you’ve come to see there are 500 hundred species of fish and 50 different coral types around this island.

  4. The Mexican Riviera

    The Baja Peninsula is famous for its clear water, abundant sea life, remote coves and sandy beaches. Fishing in this region is renowned and there are wonderful embarkation points in La Paz and Cabo San Lucas.

  5. The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

    The Galapagos are no strangers to wildlife lovers and naturalists. A journey here is a step into the animal kingdom where human presence is minimal and outnumbered.

  6. Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

    This section of the Caribbean coast is perfect for scuba divers, for those who love colorful island culture or who appreciate the vestiges of ancient civilization. Explore the Mayan ruins, pull in at quaint market towns and enjoy the quiet anchorages.

  7. Windward Islands, Eastern Caribbean

    Azure lagoons, palm-fringed beaches and dazzling reefs await on the Windward Islands. Fill your days with sailing, beach combing, snorkeling and exploring.

  8. Costa Rica

    Sail the pristine waters of Costa Rica and discover its clean, warm waters, white beaches and coconut palms. Enjoy some first rate snorkeling or hike ashore up volcanoes or into the rainforest to meet macaws or toucans.

  9. Bahamas

    There are more than 700 islands and 2000 uninhabited cays to explore making these incredible waters the ideal location for sailing, world-class fishing and diving. There is an endless supply of beautiful anchorages and picturesque beaches to explore. Go to the northern chain of Abacos for a visual and cultural flavor of former British colonial life.