Sailing in Africa opens up ancient and remote kingdoms to its crews from the splendors of Egypt to the unique archipelagos of the Seychelles and Madagascar. However the people are as much a part of these amazing river systems and seas and will form a large part of the experience from their vibrant market towns to rustic fishing villages.

  1. Nile River, Egypt

    Board an elegant felucca sailboat and head down the Nile towards Luxor, taking in the ancient wonders along the way. These traditional sailboats have become the way to explore this historic route.

  2. Seychelles

    This seemingly forgotten group of 115 islands lies right in the middle of the Indian Ocean, 932 miles from Africa. The archipelago nurtures unique species of flora and fauna including the giant tortoises of Aldabra atoll, 11 unique species of birds and 200 species of fish and aquatic life. Ashore there are amazing granite structures mostly protected in nature reserves. Not surprisingly some people refer to this pristine sanctuary as the "Garden of Eden".

  3. Madagascar

    Jump off your yacht into the crystalline waters of this island 250 miles off the east coast of Africa and you won’t be disappointed. There are coral reefs to peek at, sandy shores to laze on, forests that slither and jump with wildlife and fascinating tribal cultures.

  4. Zanzibar, Tanzania

    Discover the magic warm waters of Tanzania around the island of Zanzibar. There are sheltered islets and coral reefs to explore, dolphins and whales to watch and beaches to lie on.

  5. Cape Verde

    An excellent location for people who don’t mind the absence of marinas and a tourism industry. Get ashore via a dinghy to meet the colorful inhabitants and dine in their rustic restaurants. The Cape Verde Islands consist of 25 islands but only nine are inhabited. The Western islands are volcanic with rock coastlines while the Eastern islands are where you find long sandy beaches.

  6. Mauritius

    This small island is almost entirely surrounded by one of the largest unbroken coral reefs in the world. That should be more than enough to get you reaching for a charter booklet and snorkel, mask and fins. It’s remotely located, 1,120 miles from the African continent, and largely volcanic.

  7. Maldives

    Thanks to a year-round tropical climate you can sail, dive and snorkel here year round. There are limitless areas to explore within the archipelago of 1190 coral islands. Beaches, coves, lagoons, coral gardens and unique underwater life abound.

  8. Kenya

    Sail in a traditional dhow along the Swahili coast to cruise tropical islands, soak up the sun and sea culture. Keep an eye out for turtles, dolphins and whale shark.

  9. Red Sea, Egypt

    This tropical sea has warm weather year round and the turquoise waters make it perfect for viewing the coral reefs and their inhabitants. It has become a revered destination for divers.

  10. Garden Route, South Africa

    There are thousands of miles of coastline to explore in South Africa but the Garden Route is one of the most beautiful stretches. For 125 miles lakes, forests and mountains crowd the shoreline dotted with beaches and bays for you to pull in at.