From rainforest to reef Latin America boasts a little bit of everything: hang out with humpback whales or caimans in Ecuador, dabble in the warm waters of Mexico and explore Bolivia’s deep gorges.

  1. Galapagos Islands

    The vehicle of choice for these islands is the canoe, offering an intimate and unobtrusive encounter with the habitat and wildlife: barren volcanoes, intense vegetation, turtles, rainforest and sea lions.

  2. Conception Bay, Baja, Mexico

    Get on the water here before the high-rise sprawl from nearby tourist developments encases this region. Snorkeling here can’t get much better with azure waters filled with tropical fish, turtles and crabs. Throw your gear in the boat and pick an island to explore each day.

  3. Machalilla National Park, Ecuador

    Humpback whales, tropical dry forests, magnificent beaches and pre-Inca ruins make up this coastal reserve. Be sure to include Isla de la Plata on your itinerary, an island famous for its wildlife of the Galapagos Islands variety.

  4. San Blas Islands, Panama

    The 365 islands in this archipelago are home to the Kuna people. Wander the islands, visiting the thatched-roof villages where they raise fruits and vegetables, the multi-colored coral reefs and enjoy the volcanic mountain backdrop.

  5. Canimar River, Cuba

    With more coastline and rivers than every other Caribbean island, Cuba is a must paddle. The Rio Canimar meanders inland through tangles of mangrove and a shallow limestone canyon.

  6. Beni River, Bolivia

    Journey deep into the Amazon jungle past caimans and river dolphins via deep gorges to the Madidi National Park. This park deep in the tropical Yungas region is home to macaws, toucans, jaguars and tapirs.

  7. Old River, Belize

    Follow the paths of Mayan traders and catch up with the local population of baboons on this river running from Guatemala to Belize City.

  8. Amazon River

    A canoe trip anywhere on this fabulous river will take you back to the days of the Inca’s and deep into forest areas rich in wildlife and legend.

  9. Cuyabeno Nature Reserve, Ecuador

    Toucans, parrots and herons will keep you company on a paddle through the black water rivers, swamps, interconnected lakes and flooded forest deep of this nature reserve.

  10. Napo River, Ecuador

    Go deep into the Ecuador jungle on the Napo River, stopping at eco lodges for nighttime caiman spotting additions or piranha fishing.