This region features the world’s biggest lakes in Russia and Mongolia, jungle-choked estuaries in Thailand, man-made waterways in Malaysia, island to island journeys in Vietnam and volcanic lakes in Indonesia - canoes in Asia take you places nothing else can go.

  1. Ang Thong National Marine Park, Thailand

    An archipelago of more than 40 islands with sandy beaches, hidden lagoons and great snorkeling and fishing opportunities so perfect it could have been a location for the famed Leonardo Di Caprio film The Beach. Throw in a mask and snorkel in your canoe and you’re set.

  2. Lake Baikal, Russia

    The world’s deepest lake in Siberia is a must do canoe trip. Imagine paddling over an expanse so great it contains one fifth of the world’s fresh water. Canoeing opportunities are endless. The lake has numerous islands, shores and abundant animal life to take in and is fed by several rivers and more than 300 mountain streams.

  3. Halong Bay, Vietnam

    More than 1000 limestone peaks soar from the emerald water in the Gulf of Tonkin. There is a maze of islets, hidden lagoons and stalagmite caves to paddle on the calm waters.

  4. Khovskol Lake, Mongolia

    Wander ashore to greet nomads and herdsmen and hang out with the yak, horse or reindeer around Mongolia’s largest lake. These pure, unpolluted waters contain two percent of the world’s fresh water and are full of fish. The lake is surrounded by mountains and pine forests.

  5. Lake Toba, Indonesia

    Lake Toba owes its existence to a volcanic genesis and is the largest lake in Southeast Asia, covering 1,060 square miles. The mist clad mountains and clear waters are spectacular and a magnet for paddlers.

  6. Yenisey River, Russia

    This is one for the ultra experienced canoeing adventurer. Flowing from Mongolia to Siberia, this massive river travels 3,418 miles through steppe, canyons, taiga and tundra.

  7. Smolenskoe Poozerye National Park, Russia

    Roughly translated this means the Smolensk Lake District, a beautiful wilderness with a dense river network, many lakes and ponds, which formed after the last glaciers retreated.

  8. Lake Kenyir, Malaysia

    It’s man made but spectacular, home to 340 islands, 30 rivers and 25 waterfalls. The amount of wildlife reads like a list of credits: 1000 bird species, 800 butterflies, 300 species of fungus and so on. And if you like a spot of fishing it’s perfect.

  9. Trisuli River, Nepal

    Ideally located just west of Kathmandu and perfect for one day or overnight trips, this river is a popular choice for beginners or those who want to brush up on their canoeing skills on grade 2-3 rapids. The river is surrounded by scenic valleys and gorges.

  10. Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

    The Sok river valley cuts through this area of spectacular limestone mountains, cliffs, caves, rivers and waterfalls. Much of the forest is still intact and home to a huge variety of tropical birds, animals, insects, reptiles and plant life.