The quietness of canoeing makes close encounters with wildlife far easier than on foot. For Africa this is particularly important when it comes to game watching on South African rivers and the Zambesi. As a whole the continent does not disappoint; from the Rift Valley lakes in Tanzania or Kenya to exotic parts of Turkey and Morocco.

  1. iSimangaliso Wetland Park, South Africa

    A jewel of the South African coastline and a mosaic of swamps, lakes, beaches, coral reefs, wetlands and coastal forests supporting animal, bird and marine life. It also takes in a 37 mile river mouth that has created a huge estuary; Lake St Lucia.

  2. Göksu River, Turkey

    The 56 mile long section of Göksu between Drincay and Degiermendere is ideal for canoeing. Short canyons, wild goat and wild boar and slopes covered with laurel bushes and sandalwoods create an interesting landscape.

  3. White Nile, Uganda

    This river is known as a play boaters dream but you can steer clear of the falls and big rapids by exploring any of the numerous sleepy river channels.

  4. Upper Zambezi River

    This section of water above the Victoria Falls is excellent for a canoe safari. Camp out along the way after exploring channels, relishing the prolific game and challenging yourself in a few grade one and two rapids.

  5. Ahansal River, Morocco

    A few rapids will keep you on your toes but in all it’s pretty chilled as you wander down the waterway surrounded by stunning red cliff faces.

  6. Lower Zambezi River, Zimbabwe

    We’re not expecting you to thunder through the whitewater of the Batoka Gorge, but enjoy the long stretches from Chirundu to Mana Pools National Park. It’s not uncommon to encounter lions, elephants or hippos drinking from the banks or wallowing in the muddy river.

  7. Lake Baringo, Kenya

    Take in the views of the Rift Valley from the lake, revel in the wildlife around the small islands or visit the local fishing villages to learn about their culture.

  8. Lake Manyara, Tanzania

    This scenic gem stretches for 31 miles along the Rift Valley escarpment. There is plenty of gentle paddling along the shores of the shallow lake and even more opportunities to watch out for wildlife that frequent the grassy shores.

  9. Zanzibar, Tanzania

    Lose yourself in this exotic archipelago exploring fishing villages, stopping in at white sand beaches or putting out to one of the numerous small islands.

  10. Lake Naivasha, Kenya

    Watch out for the strong afternoon winds and waves in the shallow waters of this lake. It’s gorgeous, fringed with thick papyrus, famed for the bird life on the Crescent Island Sanctuary and draws game like giraffe, hippo and buffalo to its shores.