Recommended Canoeing Books

Cradle to Canoe: camping and canoeing with children, by Rolf and Debra Kraiker
Everything you need to know for canoeing and camping with children. Contains useful information on day trips close to home through to extended trips into wilderness areas of North America.
Paddle to the Arctic, by Don Starkell
The story of Don Starkell’s 3000-mile journey through the Northwest passage, across the top of the world braving polar bears, extreme cold and ice flows.
Woman’s Guide to Canoeing: Gear, Clothing, Tips, Advice, by Laurie Gullion
Explains how women can get on the water, learn basic strokes, plan river trips and more.
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Canoeing and Kayaking by Dennis O. Stuhaug
A beginner’s guide.
Canoeing and Camping by Cliff Jacobson
How to select equipment and how to apply camping and canoeing skills with family and friends.
The Wilderness Paddler’s Handbook by Alan S. Kesselheim
Tells you what gear you need but also what to leave behind. Equips you to design and plan your own expedition of trips from one to one hundred days.
Canada’s Paddling Magazine details the rivers, lakes, wilderness areas and coasts of Canada that should inspire, inform and guide anyone considering a Canadian adventure

Useful Canoeing Websites

Pat’s Whitewater Guide (
Online guides covering the Southern Alps, Northern Alps, Corsica and Norway.
Canoe and Kayak Magazine (
Find canoe trips, sea kayak trips, kayaking and canoeing techniques, and paddling gear reviews on this online magazine.
Canoe France (
Outfitters that detail 15 rivers, 80 routes and 500 miles of canoeing throughout France.
British Canoe Union (
Details national association contacts in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and advice on how to get started, find coaching and rivers to travel.
Canoeing and Kayaking Online (
Australian Canoeing features a calendar of events and where to find clubs and instructors.
Canoeing Online (
A comprehensive American portal with advice for beginners and advanced paddlers, destination trips and gear info.
Canoe Wales (
Fantastic website that describes the lakes, rivers and canals of Wales.
Irish Canoe Union (
Events, training courses and details on paddling in Ireland.
Scottish Canoe Association (
The competition, recreational, club and training options of canoeing in Scotland.
JoJaffa Goes Canoeing (
A very homely but informative guide about all things canoeing from the basics to the advanced kit and caboodle.
Canoeing USA (
Provides comprehensive information about paddling throughout the USA.
Canoe Stories (
Entertaining and informative stories by canoeists. A focus on North America but other regions also covered.
Open Canoe Group (
Promotes canoeing in Germany and educates about better equipment and skills.
Solo Tripping (
The ultimate guide for the solo canoeist.
Song of the Paddle (
Places in the UK that can lure the keen canoeist.
Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association (
Programs, magazines and trips for the Canadian canoeist.